NOT Being Able to Export MORE Than a Couple Hundred Tracks!

I dont have any.

That’s essentially why I started this post, I was having similar experiences.

Either my issue was perhaps the “skipped files” gremlin, or the previous version of Roon, or neither!

That was the only two things that changed, when Export began just working (and sending tracks to the NAS nonetheless). But neither occurrence may have been my “fix”. Our LAN may have been recovering from the night-before’s hangover. I jest, but only slightly, because my knowledge of what goes on between my router>switch>IoT & streaming service devices, NAS and PC’s, is mainly limited to such metaphorical thinking.

If your problem is not the need to clean-up “skipped files”, because as you said, “I don’t have any” and if your running the most recent version of Roon, then I hope you have success with Roon support, or from another Roon member who has had a similar experience as yours and corrected it.