Not being able to just tune into my music file

I’m getting sick and tired of not being able to just tune into my music file. I sign into my account (why I don’t know) and find my lifetime account. But that is of no help.

I’m being treated like someone who has no account. Keep trying, but you won’t get in! come on give some relief from this nonsense. It’s been going on since I joined with my lifetime membership.

That’s not very specific. What is the problem exactly?


I’ve moved your topic to the support section of the forum.
In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

This seems to be in direct conflict with what you posted here -

Exactly, I am not recognized by Roon. It starts off with a Roon page for non members. Ah, there’s a membership button in the upper right corner. That button is what sends me to my lifetime membership again, but I don’t find a way from there to my music. I hope helps.

But all of those replies do not recognize me as not having access to Roon as a member. I am a new person trying to GET a membership, even though I get recognition as having a lifetime membership.

Probably, a screen print (or two) would help to describe what you’re encountering.

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

I’ve unlisted this topic so you can get 1-2-1 advice from Roon’s @support and @accounts teams.

Please do have areas of the link I posted above and complete the details requested here in this topic … this will enable Roon to understand and diagnose the issue(s) you are experiencing.

Carl (forum moderator)

There has to be an answer to get me into my Roon account, but I am totally frustrated. And having it continue to happen from time to time. Everything has been going fine for the past months/couple of years until today. I thought I was throgh with the problem. Just to reiterate It’s is as I don’t have a membership.
No, I don’t wish to revive the old topic.None of them recognized me as having no membership. I need to have relief from my exclusion!

I’m sorry for the confusion. In the emails I was being hyperbolic in my form of speech. This is no time for that kind of speech.In this moment what I said is true, I find myself on the account page with no way to go to my music file. The account bar only gets me to my account page with my account data on it. Please tell me of a site I can turn to when I want in.

I am running an Intl NUC7i3BNH with MS10. I cannot replicate the problem, now because I am in

I am in, taken there by the tech that recognized my previous thread from several months ago.

No screen shots. Maybe I spoke too soon, I don’t know how to get my music folder from this site.

Need screen shots of what you are seeing when you have the problem.

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

This is Rebeka with accounts - thanks for reaching out. It looks like you’ve emailed us about this - I’ve just had a chance to reply. For security purposes, would you mind if we continue the conversation on the email thread?


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Yes, email is fine.

Thanks a lot, @John_F_Leonard :slight_smile:

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