Not finding Core anymore

Core is stored on Windows laptop, as is music. Laptop connected to audio system via USB link. The problem: I had to shut down the laptop yesterday. Since then, neither the laptop itself (when I ask Roon to «find Core») nor the remotes can find the Core anymore. But I can still play music when controlling Roon directly from the laptop. Cannot use the remotes anymore though.

Make sure windows hasn’t turned on your firewall after some update. Also make sure your not on a guest network, but your core ideally needs to be on a wired connection.

I’ve moved this to the #support area for you.

Thank you very much; I thought I was already in the support area…

I re-checked the anti-virus software on my laptop. It appears that, for some reason, it had turned the virus protection to the «public access» mode. I turned it back to the private access mode. Problem solved instantly !

Thank you very much for your reply.

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