Not getting Daily Mix [Resolved]

No daily mixes for me now. Just rebooted core and still no luck

Hey @Chrislayeruk — Have Daily Mixes ever showed up for you?

Do you have Tidal or Qobuz enabled? If so, can you share some details on your setup? Thanks!

Yes, I have tidal and my core is up to date on a Qnap TVS 471. Control is via an iPad Pro and my network is wired with Cat5e and basic switches. The app on iPad is also up to date. Just checked my android phone and no daily mixes there either.
I have had them previously.
Thanks for your help.

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Today my Daily mixes arrived. Thank you. If they stop appearing I’ll let you know…

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My Daily mixes have gone again… FYI

Still no mixes for me today…

Chris what have you done to upset the daily mix Gods. Got mine again this morning


I expect I have just been a very bad man :joy: Still no mixes though…

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Hey @Chrislayeruk — I’ve moved your posts back to your previous thread. You’ve been pretty consistently not getting these even when others are, so I think something else might be going on here. I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account and passed the report along to QA. We’ll be in touch once we’ve investigated what’s going on. Please keep us updated if you see anything change!

Thanks, I’ll keep you posted. I still have plenty to play….

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Hi @dylan - just to give notice - same issue here - the daily mixes came back for one day and were then gone again …

Hey @Martin_Sapl,

Thanks for chiming in about a month ago. I was wondering if you (or anyone else on this thread) have any updates on the Daily Mixes :nerd_face:

We’d love to help if help is needed :nerd_face:

Thank you for coming back on that one @beka :wink:

After a few hickups back then I’m now getting the “Daily Mixes” really on a daily basis.

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Thank you for the update @Martin_Sapl! We hope that you’re enjoying your Mix recommendations! :headphones: