Not Getting MQA with ROON and Meridian

Core Machine (PC Windows 10/64bit/ROON 1.7 build 710)

Hard wired Network connections from PC (with ROON core) to Meridian 818v3 (ID41) to Meridian DSP 8000SE

Using ROON app on ipad.

Description Of Issue
When I play something from Tidal via ROON app that is supposed to be MQA the Meridian DSP 8000SE speakers are showing MHR and not MQA. Also the 818 display indicates PCM.

What am I doing wrong??



Can you post a screen shot of the Roon Signal Path when playing a MQA track.

Also what version of firmware is installed in the 818 and DSP speakers (ideally they should be the latest versions).

Hi Carl,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Well I went back to the ROON app to play the album so I could see the signal path and there was some disconnect between ROON and Tidal. This time ROON could not connect to Tidal. I had to login to Tidal again. Once I logged in again and played the same album the 8000SEs showed MQA.

So I think there might have been a problem with Tidal somehow. As I said when I experienced the problem I was logged into Tidal without problem and the album was playing—just not in MQA. Not sure if there have been general problems with Tidal streaming MQA lately or if this was unique to me.


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