Not getting TestFlight updates after Roon 2.0.9 (1354) and Arc 1.0.9 (221)

Changed to a new phone iPhone 15 Pro Max, would that affect something. Testfight is not expiring for another 60+ days.


1354 and 221 are the latest versions.

Just install EA on the new phone in the same way as you did on the old phone, and as described in the EA instructions:

  1. Download and install TestFlight on your iOS device
  2. Enroll in Roon testing by clicking this link: Join the Roon Remote beta - TestFlight - Apple
  3. Enroll in Roon ARC testing by clicking this link: Join the Roon ARC beta - TestFlight - Apple

It’s possible that the apps will already be in Test Flight if you use the same Apple ID, I can’t remember. But if not, use the above installation links.

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