Not grouping all songs together within the album

On a compilation album such as the one below that I have provided a screenshot of, each track is listed as a separate album, despite sorting by ‘Album Title’. When I click on any of the individual album covers, it only shows that one song within the album. How do I fix this so that all the songs, even though by different artists, show up in the same album? I am guessing that it is happening because each song has a different Album Artist listed. Is there a way around this?

A separate question is that the wrong cover art is shown for almost all albums in my library, including this one. I have changed the settings to use file data before importing these songs, and I also refreshed data, but it did not fix the problem. I checked the file and the correct artwork is being stored.

I should add that I use Roon solely for my own files off of purchased, ripped CDs. I do not use Tidal or any other service.

It should be Various Artists.

Try going into the album viewer tab and go where all the “albums” are. Select the first one by holding down on the pad until it greys or hold your mouse click on it. Once it is selected, choose all the others. Then go to the three dots at the top and choose edit. Then select merge albums. This should take care of them being grouped together.

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Thank you Kristofa. That does indeed work. Is there a way to change a setting so that this happens by default?

My guess is that the metadata (tags) has each track as 1 of 1 instead of being 1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc. if there is something in the metadata that is not flagged as a compilation, this can also make things goofy.

Roon reads the track metadata sometimes in peculiar ways. I manage my metadata using iTunes, for the most part. When I import an album into iTunes, I have it selected to “keep iTunes folder organized”! So it manages simple metadata. Roon reads that metadata and matches it up with their database searches. When importing it into the Roon database. When I am manipulating the data a bit more, I use xACT. I am running MacOS, So these apps work well for me.

Remember, Roon does not actually manipulate your files in any way. Wherever they reside, the metadata is still goofy. You will need an app that helps you manipulate the files for Roon to do what it does in its own database.

I hope this helps!

One of the clues to Roon that it is a compilation is if the album artist for every track is set to “Various Artists”.

Welcome to the club, I had around 700 albums scattered around like these and worse. My old player had a simple function that let me call everything in one directory an album, that fixed everything within a second. In Roon it took me two years and something that feels like 14 million mouseclicks all because there is no direct folder access and a total lack of any organisation tools.


I agree something that should be so simple made difficult by trying to be to clever