Not identified tracks from Qobuz/Tidal

Hi Roon Support,

Since 2 days I have a new Nucleus + and I am currently setting it up.
At the moment I have only included my Qobuz and Tidal favorits. I have not yet included my own home library.
But since 2 days the system has apparently problems identifying somd track from Qobuz and/or Tidal.
The constant message is:
Adding music to library: Of 45071 tracks, 45071 added, 45038 identified.
It seems to be stuck there since 2 days. What happend woth the last 33 tracks ? Is there any possibility to locate these ? Then I would siply delete these from the favs… to get rid of the message.

Many thanks in advance and best regards


What do you see if you select Settings>Library>Skipped Files?

Hi Roon Service,

It indeed shows nothing, which is quite strange. There is nothing in
that list.

Best regards



if you go to albums, then click focus, and go to Inspector and choose Indentified. click it again and it goes from green to red and will show you any “Unidentfied” tracks. Also, you might check to see if there are any duplicates, that option is in the same area.

Hi Daniel,
Many thanks. Seems to be solved. I was now able to identify the unidentified tracks, re-identified them and it all seems to be o.k. now.
Many thanks for the super fast support.

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