Not playing music from nucleus to PS Audio DirectStream DAC using HDMI

First of all thanks so much for reading this and so sorry for my bad english…

Hi there, hope everything is fine… here is a brief of some specs that I think you need to know before telling my issue.

Roon Core Machine: nucleus (basic model rev B)
Operating system: Version 1.0 (build 227)
The router model y EERO6
PS Audio DirectStream DAC with the bridge and just 181 tracks

Description of Issue

I just bought the nucleus 2 days ago and migrated my former library (before i was using a mac mini as core). I have connected nucleus to the DAC by USB and HDMI (and of course as nucleus and the DAC both are connected to internet by ethernet the nucleus can reproduce music through the DAC by this mean).

At the beging I was only able for playing music using the bridge (ethernet) and I had to wait and spent more than 5 hours for hearing a sound when playing music from the USB port (music appears suddenly with no intervention).

Now I’m trying to play music by the HDMI connection, because I undertand that there is a improve in SQ compared with USB. I’been probing with differents cables from both outputs of nucleus to both inputs of the DAC, but the DAC does not even recognizes that exist a connection in this way. (It does right as i connect my transport using the same HDMI cable)

I tried modifing in ROON the DEVICE SETUP of the DAC using the HDMI (changing DSD playback strategy, max sample rate (PCM) ranging from 48kHz to 192 kHz, max bits per sample (PCM). Also reeding in other thread I turn off the DAC twice… nothing happend.

Here are some screenshots if it helps:

Thanks very much

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