Not playing well at 24/192 [resolved: was intel drivers]

So, a new roon issue; finished building the new system and this:

rooncore’s installed on an Intel NUC i7 BXNUC10I7FNK2 with 16GB RAM and 256GB MVMe SSD for The OS (W10 Pro), rooncore and PLEX server.

The DAC is a Vitus RD-100, Vitus Windows drivers installed on the NUC.

The NUC is connected to the DAC via USB, its connected to the network via CAT8 Ethernet.

rooncore pulls files from a QNAP NAS with 4TB SSD, also connected via CAT8 Ethernet.

The switch is a TP-Link Router.

roon remote devices are either an iPad Pro or Thinkpad X1Carbon (W10 Pro) Laptop.

I have noticed that when playing 24/192 files from one of the remote devices the clock lock was not good at all, there was white noise trying to break through… UNTIL i installed roonbridge on the NUC?

Then I restarted the NUC and its doing the poor clock lock thing again… so rooncore +roonbridge can’t keep the clock locked 100%

No issue with other resolution FLAC files BTW.

is USB out from the NUC via roonserver a bad idea ?

I have since installed ‘full-fat’ roon on the NUC and its working perfectly, so does the X1 Carbon laptop (both via USB).

Knowing its meant to be server software without an interface and used via ethernet; was I expecting to much of rooncore for it to output bit perfect via USB?

Amended above.

Not at all.

And there’s no need to install separate Roon Bridge app on a Roon Core.

Roon Server alone should be all you need on that NUC and direct USB connection to your DAC. I would guess there are thousands of Roon users doing that.

Before Support get here , delete Roon Bridge and share screenshots of all your Roon audio settings if you can.

And a screenshot of your signal path when you have playback issues.

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Show some photos of this “clock lock” issues (almost typed something that sounds similar LOL) if you can.

Are you using ASIO driver?

Try WASAPI with “Exclusive Mode” enabled?

Good Morning (from the UK :))

The VITUS driver is ‘WASAPI Exclusive Mode’ see screen shots below.
The Clock Lock issue isn’t a visible thang, i can just hear the white noise/static trying the break through on 24/192 tracks. But it doesn’t do this on any resolution below.
The ‘:M Drive’ is a windows mapped network drive on the NUC, roon looks at it for the library.

Try to remove all DSP (Headroom Adjustment is active in your configuration).

Tried that. Makes no difference

Today, after a reboot, full-fat roon is also doing the same static/white noise on 24/192 only… Funnily enough it wasn’t/isn’t doing this if i use another machine as core, so is it the NUC?

Think I’ve located the issue.

I had my NAS mapped as a network drive in the OS (W10Pro) to the NUC, and when setting up roon, I’d pointed it at this as the library location.

So far so good…but I’ve removed roon and reinstalled rooncore on the NUC, this time I’ve removed the (windows) mapped M:drive and pointed roon directly at the NAS (\Share\Music) and its working perfectly. SO FAR!!.. well, I haven’t done a reboot yet lol.

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Try alterig the Resync delay and see if it helps, also if you have a spare cable try that or another USB socket to rule that out.

So these are the changes…

Looks good!

Have you deleted the separate Roon Bridge app? No need for that when the same NUC already has Roon Server/Core.

Still playing well ? lol

Yes i removed bridge, so the only thing remaining is a clean install of roonserver.
I use Revo Pro uninstaller so its as clean as an uninstall can possibly be.

Interestingly I did the same thing with PLEX and its library, so this now also points directly at the network share rather than a locally mapped (networked) drive on the NUC. I noticed the fan speed dropped considerably while its reanalysing my 2000+ album music library which i have set to use 4 of its 12 cores.

Its been working faultlessly so far, but I’ve not restarted the NUC yet :slight_smile:

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OK so that didn’t resolve the issue either… Still getting white noise/static trying to break through on 24/192 files. Plays fine with any lower resolution files?

If I play a 16/44 file first stop it and then play the 24/192 file, it plays perfectly… Wondering if I have a faulty NUC? or is this software related?

Also wasn’t getting this issue with the fanless PC i had briefly before the NUC so that rules out the DAC.

@support @danny any ideas or know of an issue playing 24/192 via the NUC10 i7?

Is it possible you didn’t have it long enough to see/hear the issue?

Maybe it would have shown up after longer time?

Well that could possibly be true, didn’t have it long (4-5 days IIRC)
And strangely enough it settles down and stops … could it be a network issue???

Could be. Can you stick your 192kHz music (or all music?) onto USB hard drive and stick into NUC. And add to storage devices in Roon and play only from USB and streaming.

Take NAS out of the chain. Turn it off and leave it off for a week lol.

Is your NUC hard wired (ethernet cable) directly to your modem/router?

Or wirelessly connected?

My own experiences (which might be completely different to yours here) - I only had white noise/static with driver (USB DAC) related issues.

For networking issues I normally had drop outs, not white noise.

But it’s complicated so hard to guess.

I see you’re using WASAPI Exclusive Mode. Does your USB DAC also provide ASIO driver? Just one other thing you could try?

Hopefully Its sorted now! with some help from the Intel Support Team.

Re installed the Intel IO drivers
Re installed the Intel Chipset Drivers
Re installed the Vitus and RealTek Audio Drivers

Also oversampling/overwriting my 24/192 music content to 24/192 via dbpoweramp just in case there maybe any corruption in the file.