Not posible to add Tidal or Qobuz album to library

After the last update (416) I’m not able to add most album to the libraray, 2-3 out of 50 is added. I can play the album but not save them. Same issue with both Tidal and Quobus. After i click on add album it change to “Focus on Similar” but it’s not added.
No network issue, using Ethernet.
Tried to reinstall ROCK and Roon OS.

Staring to loose my patience with all these issues with Roon. If it’s not stability, slowness or hw identifications then it’s issues Tidal or Qobus.

Roon used to be very stable and nice to use.

If you see 'Focus On Similar" the album was added to your library … so perhaps some screenshots of a specific artist and album would be useful to help understand the issue.

Also, posting to #support may yield more replies and assistance.

See I'm having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it?