Not possible to delete album from "overview"?

Not possible to delete album from “overview”? I have to got into “Artists” or “Albums” and find the album there, and then delete it, that´s to many clicks. Why not possible to delete from the Overview section? Would make life easier. Or am I missing something?
Oh BTW when I now add an Tidal album in ROON it also shows in Tidal and in AudirvanaPlus THAT´s GREAT news!!!

I think you’re missing something. Right-click on the album in Overview, and then choose “Edit…” from the 3 dots menu that appears. You can now delete the album if you wish.

ok, thanks. But should there not be a “delete” function under the 3 dots?

Why? There’s no “delete” function under the 3 dots menu in the Album browser either. The delete function is part of the “Edit…” group of functions…

Why? bcs i takes to long time to figure that out, even though I am pretty good working with my Mac :slight_smile:

I would assume that the reason that “delete” is placed as a sub-function within the “Edit” function is because you wouldn’t want guests, or other family members, to accidentally delete albums from your library too easily…

ok, point taken, as it is only me on this Mac :slight_smile: