Not possible to identify unkown albums

do you have currently a problem with the the identification of unkown albums?
I got the following result.

Kind Regards

Hi @Tom,

Are you able to type into those textboxes at all? Did that message pop up when you clicked search?

Hi Dylan,

I am able to type into the boxes, but I do not get any response, so after return nothing happens.

However I am a bit surprised that a million seller album is not identified at all.

Kind regards

Even odder, since Roon apparently does know about the album - it finds it in Qobuz. Still, the Originally Released and Released dates are a little strange - they seem to be swapped?

Hi @Tom,

What are you entering in to Roon for your search? I was able to find this album in the identification wizard without issue — see below:

Character set differences?

Hello Dylan,

The same as you. Unfortunately I am currently on a business trip and cannot make another try until Thursday evening.

I will give it another try when I am back home.

Or you release a remote access in the meantime :wink:.

PS Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it!


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Hi @dylan,

problem solved. The album is identified and I can find it by typing in the name or album title.

No Clou why and how, but no need to dig deeper.


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