Not possible to start

I just downloded the Roon from the app store to my iPad.
And it surches but can‘t find my auralic aires ( set on roon ready)
I wood like to use it with Qobuz.
Do i need a computer as well? Thanks

Yes, you need a computer running Roon as well as either local music files or a subscription to Qobuz or Tidal.

Hello @Bruno_Gilomen,

As @Astr0b0y mentioned you would need a “Roon Core” to manage the connection to your Auralic Aires. You can read our Knowledge Base for getting started information but this Roon Core is typically a PC with Roon installed on it (


Hello Noris thanks.
Now i instaled roon on my Mac mini and it works quite well. I see Roon is mainly for purchased music and works not superb with (at least not in the moment) with Qobuz. Sometime it is slowely an i can‘t see the Album pictures. I‘m impresses about the fast help. Thank you a lot

Hello @Bruno_Gilomen,

Sometimes slow behavior can be attributed to how you have your network set up and devices connected. I would take a look at our Networking Best Practices Guide to see if you can identify any possible areas of improvement on the network side of things. After you have a few days of experience and if things are still not working as expected let me know and we can take a closer look.


Hello Noris ,
Now is everything working perfectly!

Glad to hear that @Bruno_Gilomen! Hope you have a great day!

– Noris

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