Not recognizing Risky-Korsakov's Suites album

To be more precise, it does seem to identify, but then assigns the Composer to a cyrillic (I think) rendering of the composer’s name (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov). Unfortunately this means that I can’t see this album under the correct Composer’s page in Roon.

Is this a known issue?

This is the album:

I just ripped in JRMC and copied to my watched folder.

Cyrillic, interesting – that’s a new one. I’ll need a bit more info to look into this further. I’m going to send you a PM with instructions for submitting a support package which’ll have the info I need.

I’ve seen cyrillic once too. Maybe it comes from metadata on the Roon server which has come from a source other than Rovi?

Just sent. BTW, I overrode the name to what’s in metadata, so for now it uses latin script.

Also, just to set expectations, you don’t have to treat this with any urgency :slight_smile: Just let me know once you guys figure out the root cause.

Couple of related suggestions:

  • Does it make sense to have a sub-forum dedicated to metadata issues? It may be easier to identify and follow. Since this forum is a more general support form, I wasn’t sure if I should be posting single album issues.
  • In the “identify” dialog box, can you add a much more high confidence way of specifying the album. For example, allow the user to provide the Amazon product ID or some other authoritative ID. This works for the cases where I actually have the physical CD with me. Right now, I have to play with the two fields to get the right results.


Thanks for the follow up, Anil. Indeed, as @Ludwig suggests, we just unfortunately have very little data for this album, and what we have is low quality. I was able, though, to make an adjustment so in the future you’ll get the correct composer info. Note that it takes about a week for this type of change to roll out to our servers and your Roon install to request a periodic data update.

Feel free to post any other glaring metadata issues you’re seeing here in this forum. We can always move them around if we decide to organize by topic.

Thanks for the report!

Great, thanks for following up!