Not recommending Solid Tech Audio Racks

I couldn’t find an Audio Rack category. I would like to give you my opinion on Solid Tech’s Audio Racks.
They are VERY expensive and a very poor design. Twice I have had 2 of their shelves break and the supporting screws have ripped out of them. The rack itself doesn’t really stand up straight and is kind of a wobbly looking thing. They are made in Sweden. I have the Hybrid standard rack. Their Walnut shelves are $ 400 and are made of fiber wood with walnut veneers. For $ 400 I would expect to have solid wood walnut shelves. I had a horrible experience with them. It took several months for them to send me their product and several times they sent me the wrong items. They don’t stock any spare parts which is bad it you lose a screw. Yes I know we had Covid last year and that was probably part of the problem but the world needs to keep spinning. Very unhappy with the price of their product and the poor design and the poor quality of their products.

The best fit would be #audio-products, I’ve moved it over.