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After years of paying for ROON I am done. I have a Phonological deficit. After contacting support many times I don’t understand how to best utilize Roon. Members have tried to give me written instructions. With the current situation money is tight for a service I can’t use. I have voiced my disappointment that there are not video tutorials with live support. I use Logic Pro X and can call Apple. (I understand Apple is not a fair comparison) I have terabits of music on my NAS. Good-Bye.

Roon may not be for you. I certainly would not pay for something I could not use, regardless of money situation. Good luck.

Hi @George_Burrows,

We are sorry to see you go, but please know that we here to help if you have any questions or issues. Just let us know what we can do for you!

Two main reasons why I am not renewing Roon subscription.

  1. After contacting Roon’s support via email 8/28/20, Rebeka seemed to be concerned why I was not renewing my subscription. It was her “cut and paste” email that was upsetting:

“We are sorry to see you go, but please know that we here to help if you have any questions or issues. Just let us know what we can do for you!”

Dylan Cadill also stated in the Support forum:
Hi @George_Burrows,
"We are sorry to see you go, but please know that we here to help if you have any questions or issues. Just let us know what we can do for you! "

  1. As I have said for years, my reading disorder (Phonogical Deficiency) does not allow me to use 90% of Roon capabilities. There has been little from Roon’s support team to acknowledge my issues, other than offering email support. Since 2017 they have repeatedly stated Roon is working on alternative help guides, video, etc. Knowing my issues, rather than stating that Roon may not be the correct program for my needs, they happily take my $199 subscription for the last four years.

I would be remorse not to mention my appreciation for the offers I have received from Roon users to personally help me set up Roon. I did not take up the offers as I was paying Roon. They should have helped me in accordance with my needs.

During our horrific times of hate/uncertainty caused by the pandemic,
I apologize for adding negativity to the Roon forum. It’s ironic the above post stems from a mere $199 subscription.

Thank You,

Hi George,

My eight year old has dyslexia (thankfully we got her into a private school here that’s only for dyslexic students) and I’m wondering exactly it is you needed Roon to do for you to make the program more usable? How would its un-usability for you compare to other music management programs?

I understand your frustration (and I have mine with Roon, esp come update time, always) but it is a two way street - they didn’t ‘take’ your $129 ($199?) a year as much as you continued to ‘give’ it to them. Yes, Roon say a lot of things are ‘in the works’ but considering how neglected or tacked on some of the basics are, from the program itself to the KB to the marketing promo, I wouldn’t have held my breathe for them to come up with anything for you. I would have taken up the other member’s offers of help.

Hopefully, as a society moving forward, more emphasis will be placed on awareness around dyslexia and other communication disorders. It’s more prevalent than we even know. A good example is at the public school where my daughter went, the young woman who was in charge of the reading partners program that helps struggling students had never even heard of dyslexia! So considering that even in our schools it’s terribly neglected, you might have to give a small software company the benefit of the doubt.

Best of luck moving forward, Charles


I am sorry to hear of your condition. However, I do not know why you expect Roon - a relatively small commercial organisation - to be in the position to offer you specialised assistance.

I have, in the past, suffered from a disabling condition (thank goodness in my case it proved to be temporary). I was very grateful that there were so many people - both friends and strangers - willing to help. The world was not going to change for me and I had to learn to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Given the economic consequences that will flow from the pandemic, I would expect that even fewer companies will be in a position to provide services outside of their main target market.

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Brief History.
I am 66, an elementary educator for over 20 years, hands-on learner, and compensated in (college) by taping lectures and listening to them in the car to and from class.(and at home) Marked my texts in various colors. I have two Higher Ed Degrees.

Not user-friendly, font issues, delay in support response and does not utilize videos.

" How would Roon compare with other music management programs?"

Go to:How to setup jRiver Media Center (part 1 of 2) - Intro

jRiver is up and running

Highly Recommend jRiver

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with various disabling conditions who love to listen to music. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect a small company such as Roon to be able to make their product easily usable for each of these user groups.


Hi @George_Burrows

I am a long term JRiver user (I use both Roon and JRiver in parallel) . The videos are quite old but still cover the basics.

There is a very active JRiver forum , much like this one that will help you along . Rather than discuss an “opposition” product on this forum if you need any help please PM me via this forum or post your questions on the JRiver Forum . Equally there is a comprehensive Wiki

Bit of an over reaction! roon comes pretty much preset to what they seam most popular.
Its piss easy to make alterations or to undo any changes you’ve made. The basis of what you want to roon to do is structured around how you have resolved the metadata of the files in the first place. IF you’ve left it in a bit of a mess then that will explain your experience.

I know at least ten people in my surrounding that have trouble reading large parts of text from a screen with white letters on black background. An easy solution, (that has been done by others over the last 20 years) like colour and font customization would solve this. It’s not asking for a redesign, it’s not asking for an individual design, it’s just asking for some little customization. If you don’t have any trouble with it is possibly hard to imagine how frustrating it is to have a nice piece of software but you can’t use the part you are actually paying for, wich is the metadata.


My 13 year old grandson is dyslexic. He struggled for a long time as he took special classes and had a dyslexic coach for years. At age 13, he has conquered his disability and is now a prolific reader of regular type and excels in school. I know full well how frustrating it is to have this condition, thank you.

The issue here is, can and should Roon address this particular disability and create a solution in Roon? How about a totally verbal/audible solution for the blind? These questions are for Roon to evaluate and decide.

Totally sympathize I am not impaired and I have found our music system impossible to figure out. We’ve got several thousand dollars invested in it and my husband can usually make it work but for some dumb reason it generally goes out when he leaves the house and I might want to listen to my own music. This morning Roon kept switching off after a few minutes. Hb spent 3-4 hours LITERALLY screaming and ranting and struggling with it and eventually got it to play again. While I stayed outside avoiding the rage. Personally I don’t think the technology is reliable yet no matter the investment. Its just too complicated when compared to plugging a CD into a slot and pushing “play”.

The technology is reliable and really not that complicated. My setup has worked virtually untouched except to perform upgrades for years.


I think Roon can be complicated…if you make it so. Or, it can be quite simple.

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Reinventing the wheel is neither necessary nor expected. There are standards for web accessibility, and most of the same principles apply to the user-interface of applications like Roon.

That said, the Roon user-interface is already a train wreck for non-impaired users (too many threads on that subject to link to here). So it’s unlikely that any attention has been devoted to making it accessible.

That’s just a sad reality.

Many here would disagree with this characterization. While certainly not perfect, the Roon UI is the best I have come across in its category.


The Roon feature set is the best in its category. The user-interface ? OMG…

What is better? Nothing I have tried…

Not iTunes…
Not Audirvana…
Not JRiver…
Not Amarra…
Not Foobar2000…


Such messages are mostly laughable, I get more headaches when I think of Roon and Miska reading stupid messages from day to day, even though they have been answered 100x earlier and in addition you have to be polite.

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