Not responding & erratic behavior

Hello we have been ruing ROON on a windows 10 pc we built for it ONLY and it has been working fine until recently.

Our network has not changed with the only exception of getting a new modem from our carrier.

The first thing we have been noticing is a lag between doing anything with relation to navigating and playing songs and a “not responding” note in the browser top line while holding up any further progress.

and after a few reboots it seems to be getting worse with the following behavior:

Roon continues to come up with not responding for about 5-10 seconds.
Jumps to next song even though there is space between songs.
Outside speakers keep stopping and we are having to go in and hit play again.

I can get more technical data next time we chat but I was hoping that these symptoms are common to a resent problem you are aware of or happen often.

we look forward to your support.

Do you use a switch into your router. Then Roon network into switch?

Hello @Richard_Sorger,

Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of this modem? Is it a modem/router combo unit or is it just a modem and the router has remained the same?

What kind of content are you playing to the zones? Do the skips/stoppages only occur when you are playing streaming content (TIDAL/Qobuz) or do they also occur when you are playing back local content?

Ok so, 1st thank you both for your feedback.
I need to get the answers to your modem/switch/router questions next time im in-front of the equipment but if you think the problem has a high rate of being with that we have plans to upgrade the router and switch due to the new modem’s arrival.

we are not streaming music from any net service but we are playing songs we have on a locally installed x14 on the network next to the PC.

curious Does roon go out to the internet to pick up music on a locally installed box?

Are you suggesting the problem is related to the new modem?
if so we may continue with our network design and upgrade before giving you the hardware info.

Hello @Richard_Sorger,

No, if the music is local Roon wouldn’t need the internet to access it, but the networking setup is still certainly a factor to consider because Roon relies on the network to stream to endpoints not connected to the Core.

I’m looking over your initial post again and I want to clarify a couple of aspects:

This is for the Roon app itself? As in not just music playback but the entire app freezes?
If so - are you running any other processing-intensive apps alongside Roon?
It seems like your Core may be running out of resources.

If you try starting playback to “System Output” (your PC’s internal speakers), do those remain stable? Playing to System Output will allow us to remove the network or the endpoint from the equation.

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