Not seeing link to PDF booklet in iOS 1.3

This request is related to an exiting request labelled [resolved]:

@support, I would appreciate help getting the PDF feature working.
Thanks, Raymond.

Hi @Raymond_Klein_Robben – sorry to have missed your question. Can you tell me a little more about your storage configuration?

I should note that if you are using our older iTunes integration (meaning you have content stored in a folder listed as iTunes Libraries 1.2 and older on the Storage tab of Settings), PDF viewing is not going to work. I’ve mentioned that on Community before, but I just updated our documentation to reflect that.

It is possible to import iTunes playlists and get associated PDF files, but you may need to update your storage configuration a bit. Let me know the details and we can help. Thanks!

Mike, thanks for replying. My Storage settings are: see below. I indeed use Roon 1.2 and older. Raymond.