Not seeing Vālence

Hi I am not seeing any Vālence features including “Recommended for you” or “New Releases” anywhere in the user interface.

I am on release 1.7 build 521.

Is there somewhere I need to enable this functionality?

Many thanks

Recommended for You is to the right of the tracks listing when viewing an Album.

New Releases for You can be found on the Overview Screen, just scroll down a bit.

Hi, thank you for that but I am seeing neither! Right hand of the Tracks on the Album screen is “By this Artist”

And on the Overview screen I have “Recently Added” , “Featured Artist” and “Genres”

I assume you do not subscribe to streaming services. If you don’t, you won’t see those recommendations.

Read the following thread, and specifically this post.

Hope that helps.

Hi - thanks again for the answer. What streaming services can I subscribe to? I have Spotify at the moment.

Tidal and/or Qobuz.

Hi @Barrie_Hadfield,

The Vālence features you mention are only available if you’ve integrated TIDAL or Qobuz into Roon. If you have not integrated one of these services you will not be able to see Recommended For You or New Releases For You.