Not so many female members?

I’m kind of puzzled as to why I don’t see (almost) any female contributors to the forum? I personally know many females who obsess over music as much as I do, but do not seem to have the same desire to broadcast this obsession via this forum. Any thoughts?

p.s. This is in no way a sexist comment, just an interpretation of my thoughts since I have been spending time on the forum.

Why not ask them personally?
Or did you, but deprive us of their stance?

I personally think it is the attitude of many frustrated posters putting them off!
I know I’m shaking my head in disbelief more and more these days …


How do you know the gender of a poster?


That’s not difficult to work out. I agree that the vast majority of people seem to be male, but it’s always been this way with Hi Fi in general. 63 years of life experience confirms this to be true…

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Name and avatar image are pretty good indicators. Not foolproof of course. :smiley:

The female music fans that I know, tell me that this type of forum is a bit geeky for them.

A couple observations.

This forum runs high on both (a) hostility and (b) d**k-size measurement vs most face-to-face interactions. That’s generically true of many forums, but specifically true of many conversations on this one, and disproportionately so for those that get a lot of posts/traffic. Many of the women in my life are not big on (a) nor (b) and even if there is valuable content to be had in a place that skews toward (a) and/or (b) they will find another way to obtain that content. As my wife says, “life is too short for the bullsh*t”, and many times when I come here I can’t blame her for feeling that way (generally, not specifically; she’s not a Roon person and cares deeply about music but is happy to listen off of Alexa/Spotify/Sonos chain, which she agrees isn’t as refined but juice isn’t worth the squeeze)

(And I’ll second the point about women in HiFi, not that there aren’t plenty, but that the population skews male; also true about technology broadly speaking; both are sad, but as an observation not a value judgement, I’d make a bet all-day-long that Roon’s subscriber base is >85% male as a tech hi-fi product. I’m making the additional point above that even among that group of subscribers, this forum is likely going to skew disproportionately male. And while I’d be more than happy to do things to fix either the population or the forums, but I prefer to spend my effort on things I can control or where I’m reasonably likely to effect change; actually as an edit I’ve spent a decent chunk of my career working on changing the gender balance of tech workers in several startups and growth tech companies to include more women and non-binary employees, where I’m proud to say I think I’ve had a decent impact, but I don’t know how to fix audio generally nor Roon specifically).



I’m a woman, and a new user. And yes, the hostility and nitpicking that is abundant here (at least after the update) is not terribly inviting, not that I blame users for being angry at their expensive systems becoming unusable, or losing years of library work. But I generally focus on the threads in the Music section, and quickly browse some of the others, mostly pertaining to Valence, in case I see something that might enhance my experience of Roon’s discovery features.


Not a woman ( well last time I checked at least) but I agree totally on the less than inviting atmosphere of late.
Sorry as a new user that the timing has presented this exhibition to yourself.
Hopefully once ruffled feathers get smoothed out it will return to a semblance of normality.

At least it ain’t Farcebook!

Stay with it, sure to get better and very glad to have you onboard the good ship Roon!


I spend my life arguing with my shadow just for the mischief so I’ll apologise now….

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However, in my short time of being a member, I have also encountered tip top individuals.


Jeez really?
This forum is a kindergarten playground compared to a lot of forums out there!

I don’t miss most of the Audiogon forums back stabbing, name calling infantile ways at all.

Apart from the music threads, just like here, they were always a place of calm, intelligence and decorum.


Hi all happy Christmas,

This question dislodged a memory for me.

I was sat with my (70+ year old) parents when my dad excitedly told me that I needed to check out Tinder, it had all the things we both liked on it. Catered for our niche interests etc. and it worked seamlessly with Roon.

It took a while and a demonstration on his IPad to show him he meant Tidal.

Not completely relevant to the question, but as a frequent knights move thinker it brought back a happy memory and made me smile.

I hope you all have a good one. Swipe left.



This is a complex question, and it’s one that I’ve pondered over the course of my 45 or so years in the hobby. I’m a life-long full-time professional musician. In addition to relatively few women in the hobby, there are also fairly few professional musicians involved in high-end audio. And, as we all know, there are MANY people who are passionate about music, of all walks of life and of both genders, who don’t even know that high quality music listening in the home exists. A phone and free earbuds are fine for the vast majority of people. As to women specifically, it’s true that the shortest line at a hi-fi show is the line for the ladies’ room! As a group, we’re just not too involved for whatever reason. But I see changes in a positive direction. And to be more specific about this forum, I have no idea regarding the reason. I’ll ponder this a bit. I can say that I’m guilty of being much more of a consumer here than an active participant. I’ll work on that. I can also say that I love Roon for what it brings to my enjoyment of consuming music in the home. Cheers and happy Christmas to all! Jenn


I know a lot of musicians in my role volunteering at LRB, I don’t see many who have experience of high end audio but I think they get their fix performing and in the studio. Nothing beats a great live gig with great sound, something the High end Hi Fi is reaching for… true life like fidelity…


Thanks for the top tip! The longest line anywhere is usually the one for the ladies room. Next time I am out with the good lady, I’ll be sure to have figured out where the nearest hi-fi show/store is and suggest that - in her best interests - we should probably make a detour there. :slight_smile:

Oh you need the ladies. Let me just get my phone…open up this new “ladies room finder” app I’ve downloaded…and…yup…shortest queue is a store just around the corner there…


I agree completely.


I love Roon but I don’t come here to ’hang out’. If I have an issue I’ll come here or as in this case, a topic in the weekly email digest catches my attention.

I’ve over 30 years experience working on offshore drilling rigs. Often on the drill crew I’ve got more experience than the entire crew combined but I still get people trying to explain to me that a Top Drive is just like a Black and Decker drill! :woman_facepalming:


The biggest difference psychologically between men and women is interest in things versus interest in people. Roon/hi-fi is a thing, it’s not about people, so vastly more men will be into it than women. It’s as simple as that, nothing mysterious or toxic or whatever.


Whenever you start a sentence like this, you’ll almost always get it wrong.


But not in this case! It’s common knowledge amongst psychologists.

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