Not sure I understand why an email release announcement for 1.3 was sent 5+ hours and counting before availability

Doesn’t seem like a 21st century deployment approach.

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We expected to have less release notes :slight_smile:

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so you have plenty of time to backup.


Uh-huh. Alrighty then.

Maybe they thought everyone would be in bed and not see it till the morning :slight_smile:

Can you fax me the release notes?

Sorry been a long day. As a lifetime subscriber I’m looking forward to it and I know it will be great.

Thank you team Roon.

It PR says “Roon 1.3 is coming today”. It didn’t say “Roon 1.3 is coming now”.

Are we already in the 21st century?

You’ve completely missed it. Please reread original subject line. Thanks.

For 16 years now, yes.

In the software biz, unexpected things happen, sometimes at the worst possible minute. It could be as simple as the servers they lease to distribute software had a last minute glitch.

This is just a random thing meant to show that it might not have anything to do with 1.3, or even be within the roon team’s immediate control.

Thanks. As an enterprise architect for a large financial sector firm I do have some awareness of these issues.

In my business, we release first and send the announcement second :slight_smile:

+1. 100% agree.

quality post would read again. :neutral_face:

latest news:

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I applaud the approach that Roon took, gives folks time to prepare. For example making backups first.