Notable Compositions... Whose?!

I guess a picture will speak louder than words:

This is the composer page I guess.

They are the notable compositions of the composer you are browsing

Who decides what is „notable“?
why are there just 6 lines of text spread over an entire screen?
Beethoven wrote more than just 6 „notable“ compositions. Could have fitted a few more on that page…
And on top you get Mozart thrown in for good measure.
And that op. 35 must be Tchaikovsky.

A truly wild selection!

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No, it’s not.

It’s Genres > Classical.

And for the record, my problem isn’t with the selection, or even that this section is there.
It’s just that it’s lacking one particularly important bit of the information: the ACTUAL COMPOSER!


But what might be value-add of such selection, even with composer?

You re right

I did not notice that there was a section of notable compositions also under the classical Genre. I thought it was only in composer view

It should be likes this

Roon has also opted not to display the composer on the Chromecast screen. I keep saying it is impossible to identify classical compositions without this info, but it falls on deaf ears.

Yeah, it’s implied on the composer page but we should definitely be showing the composer’s name when it’s not part of the context.

We’ll get that fixed, thanks!


Hopefully @mike‘s remark implies that Roon’s ears may not be that deaf :clap:

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