Notepad or the like

Often times I am exploring music and Roon Radio will take me places where I’d like to note the artist to continue to explore later.

It would be great to have a scratch pad / notepad or the like to save artists, albums or songs to so you can find your way back easily to places you’d like to explore more.

Seems like an easy add, I don’t know if others would like the idea, or whether there is a similar feature that I have just missed.


Maybe the “Tags” will help you, create a tag “Tomorrow is Another Day” :grinning: for example, and tag everything you want to explore later with that tag.

Not in roon’s world.

Anyway, regardless if the tags will or will not help, you may want to move your post under the Feature Suggestion category, it may get more attention.

If you’re using an iPad, iOS15 can recognise text in a picture: try taking a screen shot (volume up + power) and selecting the text in photos. I know it’s a kluge, but it’s better than nothing!

As @occasionallhere I use a tag @New Artist . So it’s always it’s always first on the screen. You do however have to Add To Library first

I clean up the Tag periodically

You may use bookmark feature for that. Just bookmark some location(artist, album it even shouldn’t be previously added to library before) and come back later :slight_smile: But don’t forget to make some clean in bookmarks up since after dozens of bookmarks it becomes a real mess.

You are not alone. I still can’t use tags, hastags, likes etc effectively, so I’d also like such a pad feature, but I am not optimistic that it will happen :slight_smile: