Nothing showing as playing on remotes

Hi, I have exactely the same problem after updating to Roon 1.8.
within my Windows 10, Android and Roon on Synology Cosmos.
Did you got any answer / solution.
Best regards from Berlin

Hi @Rainer_Giebler

Does this happen at the same time on the Windows and Android remotes or does this issue happen independently of each other on the remotes?

Hi Dylan, thank you for your reply. The behavior happens independently from each other.
Either only using Desktop App or only Android App, behavior / mistake is the same.
Directy after first Roon Upgrade on 09.02., it worked well, but there was a problem with settings menu. One or two days there later there was an automatic update, which solved the problem with the settings menu but now the above described error occured.
The two screenshoots are showing what is displayed, while music is playing!

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