Nothing similar found: Limiting Roon Radio to library

Why do keep getting this message on my iPad Roon app when I go back into it?

I have Roon Radio turned off. I have tried closing the app and restarting my iPad to no avail.

Hi @Jez,

Just to verify, this pops up every time you open the app even when you’re not playing anything?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi Dylan, thanks for answering, here is a screenshot, fwiw I have only just rebooted my laptop and Roon due to a Windows update, so a reboot doesn’t fix it, and to save you asking, Roon Radio is off.

Hi @Jez,

Is that message always there or does it just flash once when you start up?

Have you tried reinstalling the app on the iPad?

Hi @dylan,

The message goes when I do something with Roon - is it is only there when I switch to the app after having used other apps. I will reinstall the app to see if that magics the problem away,

hi @dylan

I’ve reinstalled the Roon app on my iPad and the issue has not reoccurred for a day, which is a long time in software, so you can mark this as fixed.

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