Nothing similar to play :(

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11pro i5-10210U 8.00 GB RAM

I am new to roon in trial, i am consider to purchase life time license.
However, Roon give me the error of “Nothing similar to play” when i hit “Radio” in any track, albums and artists.
that happen on Artists “Play now” as well.
Connected with ethernet cable BTW.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Post some examples of what you have played that Roon can’t find anything similar for.

That way other people, if your selections are Tidal/Qobuz, can see if they get the same results.

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Diana Krall(hit play now button on artist page)
on Tidal

also mention that i only have Tidal and no local musics

Works for me, and I have nothing of her in my library. I have Qobuz and Tidal

There is a lot of Krall on Tidal. Do you have a specific album or do you have trouble with any Krall album.

Any other albums you want people to try out? Help them help you by being more specific.

@Masashi_Ogasawara, do you subscribe to either Tidal or Qobuz, or both, or have only local files. How large is your library?


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Missed that, thanks.

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i just tried using this feature, i.e. clicking on “Play Now” while on an artist’s page, in this case the artist is Ramsey Lewis. While Roon doesn’t say “Nothing similar to play” when I click “Start Radio” nothing happens. Well not exactly nothing, more like nothing and then I need to reboot Roon. Rebooting now and I will try it again with a freshly rebooted Roon and report back.

Okay rebooting Roon fixed the issue and it works like it should.

Good point about rebooting your Core @Jazzfan_NJ. Everything worked on my Core when I checked the Start Radio feature on tracks, albums, and artists.

@Masashi_Ogasawara, have you tried rebooting your Core and seeing if this resets the issue?

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6 Artists
8 Albums
103 Tracks
1 composer

Any artists with any albums including music genres.
so trouble is due to my pc setting or something

Rebooted multiple times and checked firewalls as well.

It is my bad that i only mentioned Diana krall, but it is only as example.
This issue happen to me with all artists and albums.
So I guess it is anywhere on my pc blocking something or do i have to make library big enough for tidal to work???

Please help me guys T.T

uninstall And reinstall made it work!
it must be some internal problem, Thank you all your guys!
Now I will join roon brothers !


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