Nothings working this morning

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Just getting the Jelly fish for everything cloud related nothing loads.

Already reported here:

Seems like Tidal connection slow things down. I tried log out of tidal and Roon loads my albums in a flash

Similar issue. Nucleus +. Music playing after reinstalling OS. But no other information displaying. Focus, Discography - Nothing. Problems started about 20 minutes ago.

Fed up with this. Nothings changed, since they launched 1.8 it’s just pot luck if this thing ever works as it should. The forums as badz they not putting money in the meter? No doubt we will have to wait until the east coast of the US wakes up.

Simon I see you on the Naim site a lot (BSMARK) When this happens I just go back to the Naim app and run Quboz directly until resolved…

Unfortunately thats not useful when I am not in that room, I listen to Roon every where and I am not in that room most of the day. Back to Qobuz on my DAP.

To adds insuflt to injury Roon/Qobuz is also missing the album I wanted to most listen to as well from this week’s releases. I see others when it eventually loads but not that one. The latter is becoming quite common between Qobuz and Roon every week. Very tiresome.

Definitely understand the frustration.

Working okay for me now - but the new album lag is really annoying. I checked out Pitchfork and liked the look of the debut from Jane Inc. and… available on Qobuz, but not Roon!

Yep it’s annoying as hell.

Getting fed up of the poor state of Roon servers. This in inexcusable for the length of time this keeps happening. With zero comments from them. Supports the worse it’s ever been taking weeks to respond to any posts and then go radio silent.

Another morning where I cant use Roon with Qobuz as all a get is the Jellyfish, no discovery sections, no discographies it’s becoming tiresome. There are users out there with real big issues that are not getting resolved.

WTF is going on?


Everything is responsive and working like a charm here in Norway (with my Roon setup).
Are you having trouble with name resolving in your network?
That could be the number one cause of servers not found on the big black mudhole called the internet.
Just a thought… pinging @support

Same here this morning (UK). See multiple reports so it’s pretty much certain a server side as you say. Annoying but will pass is my approach for now. Understand your frustration though! Time for a coffee.

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Some did … message will come through judging by top support section. You are right though.


Not DNS and it never is, it’s just their default excuse. No routing issues here I can look up there severs just fine. It happens all the time it’s there poor architecture.

I have read reports that google has DNS issues and since everybody (not me) uses and … try and in the setup.
It could be just that…

I think you saw my post also, i dont have issues playing back media from any source, it’s just the Artist page that refuses to load in a timely fashion.
But i agree, stability and accesibility of the cloud farm must improve.

Same issue here (UK too). Annoying that it is so frequent at the moment.


It’s not, blaming DNS for this is bad practice and very misleading. If it was DNS it would not connect at all as the host cannot be resolved . It does but its ridiculously slow. And my network allows for 4 DNS servers to be configured google and Cloudflare already sea as are my ISP one which are far better than either cloudflare or google for speed of resolution.