Noticeable “pop” sound when playing song

Hi All,

I ma using ropieee (Raspberry 3 B+) with usb dac but during playing song i can hear noticeable “pop” along the song with some interval “every 5 second”. I already try to use different dac (having aune s16 and gustard a20h), the problem still same. While when i connect those dac thru other device (sonore micro rendu and audio oc windows), dont hv this problem. Firstly i thought is the connection speed, so i trun off wifi and use cable, still not solve problem. Any advice ? Thanks.



What power supply are you using?

What sample rates?

Are you up-sampling to high sample rates or are you getting pops with bit perfect 44kHz tracks?

Can you post a screenshot of your Roon signal path?

hi. am using universal 4A power supply came with Raspberry PI

hi Sean

no. i didnt upsampling. will post later today

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That should be more than enough.

I have noticed similar problems with popping sound on a raspberry pi 3 b+. But, I only have the problem with DSD tracks, not with flac 44khz 16 bit. I have more problems when using the wired ethernet connection. Wi-fi works a little bit bettet but I still can hear the popping now and then. DSD64 works better compared to DSD128.

Someone that have a solution to the problem?

Do you know at what speed your ethernet connection is running? 100MB or 1000?