Noticing a crackle sound from some Tidal Albums

I’ve noticed this crackling sound coming from my speakers when playing some Tidal tracks since before the latest build. An example is the Joe Bonamassa album “So, It’s Like That” and the song “My Mistake” (among others).
I’m running Roon on an iMac (late 2009, 10.10.3) with 4G RAM and external USB drive and outputting to a MC200. I also visited a friend running Roon with a Mac Mini, external HD and Teac DAC, and I hear the same crackling on his system.
I’ve trying playing the same track using my Sooloos system, without Roon, and the crackling is not heard.

Can anyone else hear this? How about Windows users?


I can hear this and, like you, only when streaming from TIDAL. As well, the TIDAL tracks are noticeably louder than the tracks from the local library. Might be some digital clipping, but I can’t confirm with my equipment.

I’m on a late 2012 Mac mini, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.10.3, external firewire hard drive, outputting to DIRAC than a Resonessence Concero DAC.


Thanks for the confirmation. I’m wondering if it’s just a Mac issue. Any Windows users willing to give it a try? Could any Roon guys see if they can recreate the issue?

Win 7 laptop feeding Meridian MS600 has no audible errors playing this track.

No audible clicking or cracking here. Does sound a bit hot/overcompressed indeed.

Mid 2011 Mac mini i5 to Meridian MS600.

No crackling on either of my set’s, BUT I do see the ‘yellow’ light for the tidal source, not the blue perfect one.
I also have the same CD locally and the Tidal one does sound a little compressed in comparison.

Perhaps Tidal have a compressed version of it and not moved it to CD quality yet?
As Roon doesn’t show bitrates, hard to see what is really streaming.

I see the yellow dot you mentioned and it indicates a low quality source that’s up converted. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I’ll have to avoid those albums.