Notification of New Posting on Watched Thread

I’ve noticed recently that I’m not receiving an email telling me about a new post on a thread I’ve posted to in the past (i.e., following). Seems that I started out receiving email notifications of subsequent posts.

Hi Gary,
Email notifications can be changed in Preferences (click on top right Avatar and cogwheel). I have noticed little changes sometimes in Discourse (the forum software), this may have been one of those.

It seems I always get email notification when I’m the thread starter (for example, I received an email notification of andybob’s response). What I’ve noticed recently is that I’ve seen new postings on threads where I wasn’t the starter (but had posted) but never received the email notification. I think my settings are such that I should receive email notification from any posting to a thread that I’ve participated in. But the settings are not as clear to me as with some forums (where one explicity ticks a box that addresses whether to send email notifications on certain threads, or allows one to “watch” a thread and receive notifications. I don’t see any “watched” thread option.

My settings are in pic below.

Notification level can be set manually by thread using the menu to the lower left, above Suggested Topics. You will automatically Track a topic if you reply to it or browse it for a certain time. You can say Never in preferences for the browsing option, in which case you will Track only when replying and can use the New Post email option.

Aha. I see the “tracking” vs “watching” label now. Thanks.

I am not certain of making a proper choice.

  1. I do not want to get any e-mail notifications.
  2. I do want to see all new and recent posts when I visit the site.

The only no-notice option states “You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear in latest.” I want the first half but not the second. How to do that?