Notification of new release artist present in our hard disk

Good evening to you all!

I wanted to ask you if it was possible to implement a notification, a popup that signals the release of new albums by the artists on our hard disk (and not online services but by local artists)


I like the idea of being notified when an artist in my library has a release.
Don’t know how feasible it is, especially if you have lots of artists. But it would be a great way to know when new music is out.

I’d like Roon to add a discography feature of some kind. And once you have that, doing things like notifying you of new artists could easily leverage off of that.

I’ll one day create a feature request, but I’d also like to see the concert info all in one place. I may be wrong, but it seems to me I have to look at each artist one-at-a-time to see who’s playing somewhere. Once that’s available, there’s lots of things that could be done with location and notification.