Notification that higher quality versions of albums are are available on Tidal (or other future integrations)

I would love to have Roon scan my library (regardless of origin or format) and identify and notify (with a direct link to them) if there are higher quality versions of the same albums that I already have available on Tidal (or other streaming platforms that Roon might integrate with in the future). Eventually, I would love this to also integrate with hi-res purchase & download services too, but I might be in the minority there.

Assuming that we can clearly what “higher quality” means, this would be a feature that saves Roon users a lot of time and also potentially improves their music enjoyment.

Since we might disagree about what “higher quality” means, it would be great for Roon to provide some standard settings but allow users to customize them. (e.g. Notify when I have format/bit-depth/sample rate “A” and “B” is available). This should allow us to overstep the debates of whether DSD is better than high-res PCM or MQA is better than either. But I immediately see a benefit in the case of 16-bit/44k to MQA or a lower res MQA to a higher res MQA.

Given Roon’s announcement that first unfold of MQA will soon be supported, I think this notification feature might make a big difference to Roon users.



No special knowledge whatsoever, but I’m hoping that when Roon implements MQA decoding, part of that will be an easier way to tell which albums on Tidal are MQA encoded.

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