Notifications when manually identifing

Personally I find the notifiaction a bit misleading when identifing an unidentfied album.

Currently the notification only seems to warn you about the number of tracks which have an mismatch in track time.

Would be great that roon also includes a second line of notifications looking at the total number of tracks.

Sometimes different releases have extra tracks and roon does not warn you in case that you are missing tracks.

It happend to me several times that I accepted the roon suggestion, only to discover later that I did choose an expanded release io. the standard release.

Eg. Standard release has 10 tracks and the expanded 14. The first 10 tracks are identical on both releases. Roon suggests the expanded release, but will not warn you that you are actually missing 4 tracks, thus need to look at the other suggestions to choose the standard release.

Not sure what you’re looking at but on my end it shows you mismatch in track lengths and also if the tracks don’t exist at all, usually a white box. Just loaded up an unidentified album, comparing regular cd to deluxe edition it tells me “28 tracks do not match”, those 28 tracks are all the extra tracks on the deluxe edition.

Can’t it be seen at the end of the page where the suggestion will have greater or fewer tracks than the unidentified album ?

Maybe I am explaining myself not correctly.

Take as an example. This morning I added “Awesome Waves” from “Alt-J”.

This was the standard release with 14 tracks. Roon did not identify this album, so I did it manually.

When you flip through the various versions, in my case I only get a mismatch on track time on some releases (track time marked red), but not the number of missing tracks when I am looking at an extended release.

There is even a digital download release with arond 40+ tracks, where roon does not even display any warning (nothing is highlighted in red or marked as mismatch). To me that is misleading or actually wrong since I am missing 30+ songs.

I also use MP3tag and there you can sort the returned matches by number of tracks. That makes it so much easier to distinguish between differrent releases.

OK, you can scroll through the suggested tracks, but I think it makes it easier to identify. This is were I am hinting at.

I see what you are saying now since I used the same album as an example. If you scroll down it is obviously clear the number of tracks don’t match, but I agree it should also say “x amount of tracks don’t match”.

However, the first time I did it before my initial reply, I was using an unidentified “deluxe” album with a huge number of songs, and scrolling through the list of possible matches, it was telling me that all the additional tracks in my library didn’t match to those I was trying to identify to. So it seems like it notifies you if you have a version of the album with a lot of tracks in your library, but not the other way.