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Would it be possible to create a favorite artists list in Roon and then have Roon notify me when new albums from my favorite artists become available? This has been raised on an earlier thread but not gotten much feedback since. I would think it is a feature the music industry would love as it should increase purchases, downloads or Tidal subscriptions. Maybe they’d even pay for its inclusion. The idea would be that we could identify an artist, composer, orchestra, etc as “favorite” and there would be a page in Roon that we could look to to see whether our favorites had released any new albums since the last time we checked.

Even though I routinely check Tidal “new albums” page for my favorite genres, about half the new albums released by artists I follow fail to show up there, and it often takes months before I discover them.


I would also like something like this to be looked into. I am (happily) surprised sometimes to find an artist I have in my library has released a new album as it appears in the Tidal albums. To be able to search for this would be great IMO.

That’s an awesome idea. Serious differentiating value in that.

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A +1 from me!

+1 from me

I’m wondering how much work would be involved in doing this. I get almost daily feeds from HDTracks, ProStudioMasters, AcousticSounds, NativeDSD, BlueCoastMusic, Qobuz, Chesky, Spirit of Turtle, HighResAudio, etc. telling me about new additions to their catalogs. But 90% of those are of no interest, so I often miss those that are. They generally have no idea of what is in my collection, so it is hard for them to make good recommendations. Tidal could do this, but I don’t see how it would increase Tidal revenues. On the other hand, my guess is that most Roon users do have large physical collections and do continue to purchase downloadable content, so getting recommendations and acting upon them could increase Roon revenue if they could get a split on purchases that result from their favorites matching.


Well, yes, but it would need to be reasonably balanced. I would not want Roon to become a channel for ads on my desktop of any sort. This is the danger or revenue from the labels or distributors.

I think it’s a briljant idea. It could be executed in different forms. Obtrusive in the form of popup newsfeeds and the likes or non obtrusive wich I guess is what most of us like. There could be a “New Release” sign on the artist page but then you will only be informed when playing that artist. I think a better way is to incorporate it into the “What’s going on in your library today” page .That part could turn more into a more “real feel” magazine with newsfeeds, concerts in the neighbourhood and new album releases of our artists. The only challenge is to find a good balance between an overload of data and real usefull data.


What about adding it as an additional item under “My stuff” alongside Playlists and History. Click on it whenever you need it, don’t if you don’t. Presumably you could include a click through to the store that provided the update to Roon so that Roon gets credit for the purchase. By doing it that way and limiting the “advertising” to artists, etc. that you favorite, it becomes invisible during regular use, but something you can call up whenever you are interested. You’d also need some mechanism to clean out the new titles once you’d looked at them.

I really like that “magazine”-like idea, if well executed! (Don’t forget the “less is more” restricted eyecandy :wink:)

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In the same vein, a month ago I was browse in ROON library and I stumbled upon an artist that I appreciated and who was performing in concert not far from home 15 days later. It was really pure chance!
if I could have had a warning on this info all this would have been more effective. Roon know my tastes, Roon communicates with a database on the concert list, it must not be too hard to link the two.

I had an idea similar, or maybe identical, to the magazine idea. I would love to be able to self-configure the Discover feature so that it is more like the old-style self-configurable Yahoo home page. User configured layouts that allow me to add news feeds, notification of new releases, etc. I would also love Roon to be as smart as the ad servers that follow my trail of searches and present targeted advertising, but monitoring what I have been listening to and suggesting similar music, not just at the bottom of the artist page, but in a magazine layout configuration like Discover. In other words, make Discover smarter, rather than apparently random.


Great idea, I’m a big fan of “smart” solutions.
There is lot’s of potential in the “Discover” feature to go beyond “discovering” what you allready have.

One reason I still have a Spotify account is for Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists which aggregate my “followed” artists’ new releases and the music of similar artists into weekly released playlists. I then convert the playlists using into Tidal playlists and listen to them on Roon.


Great idea. Would also like to have notifications of new releases on bookmarked Labels (as in Blue Note records, Stones Throw records, Warp, etc).

I would love to get notified of new albums by artists I listen to.

Also the TuneUp app for iTunes has similar functionality for the concert idea. When you’re playing music it tells you if the artist is coming to concert anywhere near you in the next several months. I dig that feature and would love to see both of these ideas incorporated into Roon in an unobtrusive way.


It is interesting that no one from Roon has weighed in here. I wonder if that means this is already quietly on the development timeline or whether they see it as a nonstarter. I hope it is the former and they are just keeping quiet for legitimate competitive reasons. :wink:

Great idea. I’d be happy with it telling me what new albums existed for all of the artists in my collection.

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Yes, this feature is the only reason I still use Spotify in addition to Tidal. Would love to have this in Roon!

Great idea. We are waiting for implementation.