Now I have 3 issues with ARC

  1. Unexpected playback error.
  2. The app closes up (crashes) as soon as I push play button.
  3. This afternoon ARC asked me to login and I got suspicious activity warning in my email box.

Dear Roon Team, do you need the list of my audio equipment ? If so let me know - I’ll post it for you.

Thank you

I’d first try resetting ARC in the Settings or uninstalling and reinstalling it. It often helps with similar random issues.

(The suspicious activity email means nothing in this case, it got sent because you logged in, and it was you who did that. It only means something if you get these emails although you did nothing. They are there to warn you about that)

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thanks for response. That’s what I do all the time - resetting ARC.

The feature (suspicious activity itself is great) the question is why Roon asks me to login all the time. That’s the problem

You didn’t say that

You seemed concerned by it

Every now and then, ARC also asks me to login, even though i did not sign out. I am not sure if it is a feature or buggy behaviour. But it is slightly annoying to have to login again, approx 1-2 times per week.

no i don’t , and don’t like to login almost every time I want to use ARC either. Today I had Unexpected playback error twice. I think all the users requests should be taken seriously by Roon team. It looks like the ARC is a free open source app, not the one the users paid for.

I just wanted to help, I’m not the right address to send complaints to

I apologize, sir

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Hi @Abolit,

Please accept our apologies for the long delay. Responding to your original inquiry, recent work in ARC should have resolved - or at least vastly improved - user experience for 1) unexpected playback errors, 2) crashes on iOS devices, and 3) a known bug prompting logout during periods of poor connectivity.

We wanted to check in to see if you were still experiencing poor performance. Routine diagnostics show you’ve been able to use ARC in the last month; is it functioning well outside of your local network? Please let us know if you have any residual problems and we’ll do our best to assist promptly.

Thank you!