Now playing album art not updating

Hey all.

I´m on my second day of the Roon trial.
I got great and fast help here on my first real snag yesterday, so here I go again.

It would be great to be able to use one controller, say an iPad, as an now playing-screen while doing the actual controlling from another computer. I can display album art in full screen, but it does not update when changing album with the other controller(s). It seems its more an view artwork-function than an now playing-function?

This resulting in that the music I hear and the cover displayed does not match.

Is there any way to make this work?


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not sure what view you are looking at, but if you select playlist view (View Queue) then click on the full screen icon over to the right (above Radio panel), you get album art full screen-ish that changes with the album playing (as do lyrics if you have those overlaid).

There you go. Thank you!

To bad theres no way to maximize only the cover art in the full screen view.
But it works just as you said. Thanks again! :+1:


The view you had is achieved by looking at an album and then clicking on the artwork once and then again, glad you are now sorted after following Tony’s advice, full screen artwork has been requested in the past not sure what if any progress has been made?