Now Playing album thumbnail size

I’ve noticed that the size changes depending on the view selected. The thumbnail with the artist pic as background is larger than when the thumbnail is displayed in front of the artist bio/album review etc.

Is this a bug or by design?

Here’s a video that shows it:

I would assume that it is by design. Personally, I set the default sequence for Now Playing to be: Album Pic, Artist Pic, and then the rest of the screens. There is a better flow in changing back and forth and the size change is not as noticeable as if you put the artist Pic page in between 2 of the text pages.

I thought this was fixed in the latest 401 release but perhaps you could detail what platform this is happening on so that the support guys can see if its a bug or if it’s a function of the device your display is using.

Windows 10 client, Core on QNAP.

Actually I meant the control screen size and hardware…not the OS so much

The album art size on the now playing screen does change, I think it’s down to the size of the picture used. If its below a certain size (500x500 maybe) it displays the image smaller.

I can see why someone might want to program this, but it does make the screen feel a bit odd, when the image size is always changing.
There’s enough wasted blank space around the image when it at it’s biggest as it it

Dell, U2515H monitor.

It’s a monitor, not a touchscreen.