Now playing display makeover suggestion

Thoughts for a modest makeover of the now playing display, when displaying in landscape mode on large monitors or HDTV.

  1. Divide now playing into a left zone and a right zone, each roughly half of the display, maybe with the right zone slightly wider.

  2. In the left zone, let the user pick album art or artist photo (probably the circular one so it can scale to fit).

  3. In the right zone, let the user pick either lyrics, artist bio, album info, or track credits (all scrollable).

  4. Remove the multiple album cover icons and put arrows under album art to allow cycling through them. (Or just remove this feature.)

  5. Leave the top row content selection icons, but separate them to their respective zones.

  6. When playing roon radio, remove the ‘add to library’ line under track info and make it the circle with + sign like on album display. Move it over next to the 3 dot menu. This keeps the now playing screen from resizing/flashing when this line appears and is removed.

  7. Make the track info fonts slightly larger.

  8. Optional setting for one zone similar to current layout.

Some examples: