Now Playing Live Radio linking feedback

From the Build 521 release notes:

The first change we’ve made affects Live Radio playback. When the station you’re listening to provides Artist and Track Title information, Roon will look up this information and link directly to the album when we’ve found a match.

The matching is handled by the same cloud services that power Search in Roon. While this won’t work for every track, the matches should make it significantly easier to add content to your library as you listen to your favorite stations.

You will find the links on the Now Playing screen. How is this feature working for you ?

As set out above, you won’t see links unless the station publishes the Album/Track information in the stream. I understand FLAC streams don’t do that and some stations just broadcast the name of the show.

It doesn’t work. No match for album in Library.

Am I right in thinking you don’t have a streaming service activated ?

My guess is that the search is conducted against streaming service databases rather than a user’s library. Identifying music we already have might be useful in a large enough library.

Yes that might bee it then. No music renting here.

Somehow I must have missed that statement from Roon Labs but they already have a history to hide relevant information and restrictions from the users in the Release Notes. :wink:


Working, with the caveats that:

a) It’s not pulling album art into the stream. Not sure if that’s by design or a technical limitation.

b) No metadata on FLAC streams which has already been discussed elsewhere.

Another bit of feedback. Tracks played don’t appear in History.

Again, by design or limitation? I think I’d like them to populate History if possible.

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Perhaps because not all tracks are identified. Nevertheless expanding history in this way could be a useful addition.
Please consider making a feature request.

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A very useful addition. Saves lots of time. :+1:
The history suggestion would be good. I’d also like an option to scrobble radio tracks to

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It’s just a guess on my part and I’ve edited my above post to make that clear. But it might explain what you are experiencing.

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Yes, no metadata with FLAC streams. For Radio Paradise I set the AAC 320kbps as defaut stream in order to get them (I heard no difference in SQ).

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Very nice addition - thank you.


I"m of the opposite position on this. I absolutely do not want any radio streams populating my History. Actually, I’d call it Polluting my history.


Then it needs an option doesn’t it? Everyone’s happy then…

Yeah, I can see that not everyone would want it.

Off topic, but I think History needs an overhaul. I find it frustrating that it’s not searchable/filterable for one thing. At the moment, it’s of very little utility.


It really is the Cinderella screen in Roon now, looking more and more unloved as the years go by.


Completely agree. History needs an overhaul, and filters.

Îd like to see the radios I have listened in my history - not the songs, just the radio name.

There is a “recently played” section in Live Radio, isn’t that the same thing ?

I see it working on iPad, but unfortunately it does not work on iPhone. Or is this by design?
Would be great to have it on iPhone as well

Phone UI does not have all the options as the Tablet/PC UI.