Now Playing, Metadata and Feature Request

When my library has a Album with no album art, the Touch scene is blank while playing. It would be a great improvement, and much appreciated, if the album’s metadata, i.e. Album, Artist, Track, etc could still be shown on the touch screen.

I recall reading somewhere that it’s not a simple task as it involves having to render the text and that the effort required doesn’t warrant the development work. If you’re using a SBT as an endpoint isn’t it already too far from your listening position for the display to be meaningful?

I am hoping that separating the album art from the other metadata would not be complicated.

Your question on the endpoint being too far from my listening position to be useful is an important one as i think my circumstances may apply to many others. Yes, when sitting and listening, it is too far to read. However, when i use as background music, and i enter the room, i often want to know what i am hearing. I love being able to walk over and take a look at what’s playing without opening an application on the PC or tablet. Same applies when guests are over - i can tell them immediately what is playing on LMS. Now with Roon, this is not happening when Album art is missing.

I hope the Roon team sees the value in taking this next step in the SB integration and allow metadata to always flow to the screen. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to have a default album pic when art is missing and that would allow all the other metadata to flow to the Touch’s screen?

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I feel the metadata display, and in a less extends cover art, very useful and i hope some future RAAT compatible endpoints will also provide display capabilities (Bryston, PS Audio, Auralic … ) and also basic transport operations via hard or soft buttons.

Current SBT implementation is just perfect for me providing the minimum needed features: Ability to play/pause, next/previous, and to know about what is played.

Agree with Volpone on the value of metadata displayed and that Roon has hit the the right combination of integration for SBox- play/pause, next/previous and what is being played.

I wonder if here may be a homemade fix for those that suffer from missing album art and thus are being denied the more relevant metadata. Is there some way to select albums that don’t have album art and provide a generic pic. ourselves?!! If that could be done with a couple of clicks… problem solved! Alternatively, Roon provides a generic pic in is operating system. Any reason that could not be forwarded to the SQ devises along with the relevant metadata?

Issue of missing metadata when a tracks play with no assigned album art is still most relevant.

Is this issue recognized by Roon and being addressed?

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Let’s drop a flag for @brian and see if he can tell us whether there is further Squeezebox development intended in relation to this. One constraint may be that such development would call on the same resources as RoonReady certification.

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The fix for the SBT issue is rolling out with our upcoming 1.2 release. I think the work happened 4-6 weeks ago.

Thank you very much Brian. Great team !

Many thanks Brian, to you and your team.