Now playing option is gone...? [Fixed in Build 831]


how can I get back the “Now playing” option to choose between Album Cover, Artist Picture, Song lyrics and so on?

Core Machine: Mac Mini M1 (BigSur)

I’m afraid that you’ve been bitten by a bug. The gearwheel icon at the top right of the Now Playing screen brings up the Customize screen for turning the elements (Lyrics, Artist photo, etc) on or off.

The bug is that if you turn them all off, then the gearwheel icon disappears as well, and there is no way to get back to the Customize screen.

I’ve reported it to Support, but there doesn’t seem to be a workaround for this at the moment. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until it gets fixed in a future release (I’ve been bitten by this bug as well).

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Hi @ad81

This issue has been reported to our QA team and they’re looking into this. Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the trouble.

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This has caught me out too

Not sure what this screen is called but the settings and different views placed in the area marked in red on this pic got lost when I turned some on/off and I cannot for my life find a way to get them back. Rebooted core etc but it’s not getting back. Help! :pray:

It’s called the “Now Playing” screen, and yes, you’ve been bitten by the bug discussed in this forum thread. Until Roon Labs release a fix for it, I’m afraid you’re stuck.

The only way to get past it at the moment is to invoke the nuclear option and delete Roon’s database. This means that you would lose all your edits and settings and be starting from scratch again.

Let us know if you want to do this, and if so, tell us what your current setup is (e.g. are you running the Roon Core on a PC or Mac, or do you have a Nucleus or ROCK/NUC system).

This got fixed in todays 831 build :clap:


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