Now Playing page error

This is really funny.
But there are really two bugs here:

  1. The artist bio for Eric Legnini is wrong, I have him in my library but he has nothing to do with this album or this track.
  2. But in addition, this is an album with four solo players, the album lists Bobo Stensson as the player on this track, but the page shows the picture of Esbjörn Svensson. After I switched back to Roon for another screen capture, Roon (iPad) crashed, when it came back the bio was for Svensson which is at least consistent, in its error.

Thanks @AndersVinberg – there are some cases we’ve seen where the Now Playing information can get lodged and end up referencing the previous track. We’re working on it.

I’m guessing you were listening to something from Legnini before the track from Solo Flights? Does that sound right?

Note that when a track has multiple main performers, you get a drop down allowing access to the other performers. :slight_smile:

That was the weird thing, I have Legnini appearing as a side man on only one album in my library, which I have played once, and that was well before 1.6. So I was wondering where you got hold of him.

That’s exactly what I want, but where do I see that? I have tried albums with multiple album artists, and with a single album artist and multiple primary artists, and I don’t see it. (And they do have pictures.)