"Now playing" screen is problematic

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Synology RS815+ / Roon 1.8 latest build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Custom Mikrotik network (works extremely well)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Matrix Audio mini-I Pro 3, LAN streaming

Description Of Issue

I found album “Rockferry” from Duffy, it came out as recommended for me. I liked it and clicked + to add into Library. It was added and + changed to heart which allows me to put it into favorites. OK.

But, when I click on Home, and then (on bottom left icon) to go to “Now playing” screen (that album was still playing), it shows like it’s not in the library (sign “+” is visible again, not the heart). And I can click and add it to library (again)… Here is screenshot that explains it the best.

You see that it’s in the library, but you can still click + to add it into library.

But, when I go to the library, album is there, I open it, shows properly with the heart, play the music, cool, click on Now playing, no heart again, it’s just +.

It shows like this in both Windows app and in on iPad Pro.

I restarted the Core and apps but it’s the same.

Second issue: when “Album art” is shown, cover dissapears from lower left corner, I believe this is by design, but it’s bad, I’ll explaing why. This album (“Đorđe Balašević - Bezdan”) has only covers and you’ll see this:

There is no album cover in lower left part, but that part is also corrupted - when I move mouse left from the arrow I can click, but nothing is shown to be clicked at (I can’t show you mouse hand on the screenshot, though).

Why is this important? Because I can’t find the quick and easy way to get to track list from the “Now playing” screen, except from:

a) clicking on album title, which is slow and you can misclick
b) clicking on small album cover which is easier

And when album has only album art, it will display by default (big) and you will not see small album cover, which means that only one clickable item for track list is album title, which can be really small and it’s cumbersome.

I suggest that you add “Track list” here:

So we can put it where we want. That way we can put it BEFORE “album art” page and problem solved.

P.S. now I’ve checked again and Rockferry - Duffy is displayed properly. That means that it takes a really long time for it to be propaginated everywhere. It was obviously in the library straight away, but on now playing screen some cache or something prevents it to be displayed like that for some time. Can you fix it?

No reply on this topic from @support. And this is still an issue. After adding album to the library, that added album (when you find it in library) and album in “now playing” are acting like two different albums.

For example, if you find album on Tidal, start the reproduction of that album and you like it, then add it to the library… And then straight away, you go to the library and open that newly added album, you won’t see the song that’s currently playing marked as such, all tracks will be listead as non-playing ones. And when you return to now playing screen, you’ll see that song marked as currently playing and you’ll be able to add that album to the library again.

The add to library thing you describe is how roon works.
It may change in future but currently that’s how it is and how it’s been since the start.
You can find and add to feature requests that ask for it to change but it isn’t a support issue.


Roon works like this:

  • play album
  • add to library - added
  • go to now playing screen (still the same album)
  • add to library - added
  • go to now playing screen (still the same album)
  • add to library - added

All with same album, over and over?

You’re telling me that this is by design?

Yes but it’s not quite like you have it.
The album in the library may have been changed by you so as soon as you add it to the library it is marked as being different.
So you can go back to the original and add it again to overwrite changes etc. And it gets marked as different again ad infinitum.

Basically roon sees everything as either in the library or not and acts very differently to both.
It throws everyone, including me. It’s not how they would have designed it from scratch but it was inherited from the sooloos platform.

I’m not sure I understand the album cover bit.

Hi @klokan054,

Thanks for following up and sharing your experience with Roon 1.8. Sorry it’s been so long before we got a chance to reply - we’re working hard to keep up with all the requests. We’d love to help.

It looks like @ged_hickman1 had a chance to explain that the first problem you’ve mentioned is actually expected behavior. Please see this article in our help center that might clarify things:

As for the second problem (album cover lacking in the bottom left corner) does this happen for all tracks? A few? Or just the one you’ve shared?

Also, if you want to go to the track list (be it the playlist or the album) you can do so by clicking on this button:

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