Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Nicholas) #181

Oh good, another thread for me to evangelize for better sharing functionality in Roon. :slight_smile:

(Tim Rhodes) #182

Discovered this guy recently, unfortunately no longer with us but this is good album IMO

(Sean) #183

Genius :grin: Miss the old Yeezy (i.e. the younger Ye).


(Sean) #184

Jazz meets Hip-Hop. Sublime.


(Jan) #185


(Jan) #186

This is one of Sweden’s most exciting hip-hop artists. Lorentz. Give this a try. The production is awesome!

(Sean) #187

Wow yes, great production and flow.

(Sean) #188

Love global Hip-Hop collabs. Nas is still crazy on the mic.


(Mark) #189

I don’t know if there are any other HH fans on the forum but I am getting pretty excited for this:

(Sean) #190

Who dat? I love a good guessing game but struggling here! :grin:

(Mark) #191

Hilltop Hoods :ok_hand:t3:

I’m not sure if you are extracting the urine or not? :grin:

(Sean) #192

Ha normally yes, any chance I get :grin:

On this occasion no. Never listened to a HH album but that album teaser has me hyped (I’m a sucker for hype), so will check it out.

(Sean) #193

Can’t have classic Pac without some classic Biggie


(Mark) #194

This is a personal favourite from the Hilltop Hoods, it’s a great mix of modern Australian rap with hints of Old School.

Just noticed that the new album is on Qobuz even though it’s not officially out until the 22nd.

(Wayne Bull) #195

Great Album…

(Sean) #196

Souf London grime meets NY hiphop royalty. Love the production by Jahil Beats.


(Jan) #197

(Jan) #198

Great hiphop beat, don’t you think! It just needs an MC!

(Jan) #199

Nice production! Some scratching as well!

(Sean) #200