Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Ged) #21

I can’t get past the misogyny and exploitation in Hip-Hop. Like the odd song but then the next one will be back to bitches and hos.

(Sean) #22

No worries at all Ged. I guess this thread was for those that do like Hip-Hop.

(Ged) #23

I need a “don’t annoy” playlist!
And a better understanding of the sub-genres.

(Wayne Bull) #24

80’s Hip Hop has a lot less of the bad language and exploitation.

That really all started from the 90’s with the explicit lyrics warnings.

Probably the best sub genre to look for is conscious hip-hop.



Nice idea for a thread @Sean2016

I’ve been enjoying the trend of shorter releases which for some reason we aren’t calling EPs anymore… the Ye produced stuff, Black Thought’s release that came out at the same time…top notch lyricism as always. Vince Staples has a new one that packs a hell of a lot into 22 minutes. Vince’s relentless, head-nod-inducing flow is a favourite of mine. I grew up on west coast gangsta rap so…ymmv.


For something a bit less abrasive… Heads are no doubt aware of the massive talent and influence but for my money it’s still among the most underrated releases of the 90s.

(Dylan Caudill) #28

One of my favorite tracks from this year:


(Sean) #29

My favourite bars of the year so far.

This isn’t Nas - this is the return of Escobar :grin:



The more something is hyped the more resistant I tend to be but, man, what a brilliant piece of art… Only listened to it 25 times or so this fall :joy: and it’s got more than enough bonafides to post here

(Sean) #31

For UK grime fans. The legend Skepta back with a classic. Some nasty production.



Skepta also features on Dizzee Rascal’s new 5-song EP. If I had neighbors they would be disturbed.

(Sean) #33

Loved every track on that EP. Will add it to today’s listening queue. The Skepta collab is bonkers.

I can’t have a Saturday UK grime listening session without some Hollowman Giggs.


(Sean) #34

Any NBA fans here will recognise this, in heavy rotation on ESPN promo’s :grin:


(Sean) #35

Genius :grin:


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(Sean) #37

Off one of my favourite albums this year (so far). TDE don’t miss.


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(Sean) #39

Mos Def is grossly under appreciated today. For me, one of the greatest to ever do it.



A good album that IMHO coulda been great if they trimmed it down. The first few tracks though…damn. Hoping Q has a new album soon.