Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Wayne Bull) #81

Is that a vinyl rip Mark?

(Mark Edwards) #82

Yes, it is Wayne. I have the first sixteen ripped from vinyl. Some of them are just side A and side B. They still sound pretty good.

(Wayne Bull) #83

Cheers Mark… Electro 9 was probably my favourite edition. Great memories

(Sean) #84

The flow is incredible. The production by the legendary Salaam is top notch (as usual).


(Sean) #85

Too many great new albums to catch up on - so little time. Great soulful production on this track.


(Sean) #86

Off another great new album.



Another excellent EP length release


Jay-Z feature on this kills. I don’t think it’s available in Roon yet. PS is Meek’s isting on Roon/Tidal mixed with another Robert Williams?

(Sean) #89

Loved Jigga on this and the album is great. With Roon’s Tidal delays every week with new releases, Audirvana/Tidal comes to the rescue every Friday, Saturday & Sunday for me (playing directly to HQP Embedded’s UPnP input).

Ha I think so. Died in 1818.


Time travelling rappers? That’s a concept album I’d listen to. Someone get Kool Keith on the line.

(Sean) #91

Hilarious… Never thought Kool Keith would get a mention on this thread but this works perfectly.


Like a lot of 90s kids I started listening to gangsta rap. First concert my pops took me to was 2 Live Crew, grade 7 :joy: Got deep into NYC hip-hop through Tony Touch tapes. Then a lot more obscure and historic stuff by way of DJ Shadow, Q-Bert etc. A lot of my generation seem to think there’s nothing good coming out anymore but I hear new stuff I love every year.

(Sean) #93

Holy moly. Not a bad first gig to go to. You and @oneofmany had cool pops!

Mine was very anti HipHop when I was growing up but at least was very pro Bob Marley, Santana, Clapton, Doobie Brothers etc. I’m grateful for that music influence on me at least.

Funnily enough, in old age he’s come to appreciate Kendrick Lamar and some others (sister took him to see Kung-Fu Kenny and he loved it apparently :grin:).

(Sean) #94

Love the instrumental version (on Tidal) of this classic album. You get pure beats by Dre (and friends) - greater appreciation for the legendary producer behind ‘Beats by Dre’ :grin:



Nice. I am always looking for more instrumentals. Like to listen while I do my reading and sometimes jazz isn’t the right vibe. A bunch of good Pete Rock instrumental albums on Tidal.


I dig this series. No doubt you’ll recognize some of these beats!


(Sean) #98

This was a really great listen. Production genius.

The other 3 of the series now added to my library.

(Dylan Caudill) #99

Hi everyone,

I’ll take a look into this, thanks!

(Sean) #100

“Complex ranked “Shook Ones (Part II)” at #23 on their list of the 25 most violent rap songs of all time.”

I really wish there was an instrumental on Tidal because it’s one of the greatest in Hip-Hop history.

You’ll see countless rap (and even soul…) cyphers/battles to it’s instrumental.


If anyone wants to know what a “soul cypher” is (and features this same Mob Deep instrumental - and yes that’s Eddie Levert of The O’Jays still killing it):