Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Wayne Bull) #121

A very close second place…

(Sean) #122

Just realised I had this album in my library but never listened to it… till now.

Brilliant album. Thanks for the heads up…

(Sean) #123

And this! How did I miss this album when it was released this last month.

I have heard this track somewhere before though - can’t remember where.

Great album indeed.


(Sean) #124

Cole goes in on this first verse.


(Wayne Bull) #125

Her first album Telefone is fantastic as well

(Sean) #126

Feat. Q-Tip, Ye, Wayne. But surprisingly Busta handled the production himself and did a superb job (but I’m pretty sure Tip would have helped out a bit…)

Nice sample of Alicia Myers’ 1981 “I Wanna Thank You”.

I’m a sucker for great production and great sampling :grin:


(Sean) #127

When he gets deep, he can do it with the best of them.


(Sean) #128


A rare Salaam Remi sighting! Such a musical genius.

(Sean) #129

Historic. A game changer.


(Sean) #130

Love the production.



Happy holidays hip-hop heads!

(Sean) #132

Same to you @lorin ! And all the other hip-hop heada too!

(Sean) #133


(Sean) #134


(Sean) #135


(Sean) #136

Waiting for this to hit Tidal + Roon.

James Blake feat. Andre 3000 (aka 3 Stacks aka Johnny Vulture aka Ice Cold… :grin:) - Where’s The Catch?

3 Stacks with a fire verse.

Love this James Blake album. He’s a fellow Hip-Hop fan and has a long history of Hip-Hop collaborations.