Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Wayne Bull) #121

A very close second place…

(Sean) #122

Just realised I had this album in my library but never listened to it… till now.

Brilliant album. Thanks for the heads up…

(Sean) #123

And this! How did I miss this album when it was released this last month.

I have heard this track somewhere before though - can’t remember where.

Great album indeed.


(Sean) #124

Cole goes in on this first verse.


(Wayne Bull) #125

Her first album Telefone is fantastic as well

(Sean) #126

Feat. Q-Tip, Ye, Wayne. But surprisingly Busta handled the production himself and did a superb job (but I’m pretty sure Tip would have helped out a bit…)

Nice sample of Alicia Myers’ 1981 “I Wanna Thank You”.

I’m a sucker for great production and great sampling :grin:


(Sean) #127

When he gets deep, he can do it with the best of them.


(Sean) #128


A rare Salaam Remi sighting! Such a musical genius.

(Sean) #129

Historic. A game changer.


(Sean) #130

Love the production.



Happy holidays hip-hop heads!

(Sean) #132

Same to you @lorin ! And all the other hip-hop heada too!

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Waiting for this to hit Tidal + Roon.

James Blake feat. Andre 3000 (aka 3 Stacks aka Johnny Vulture aka Ice Cold… :grin:) - Where’s The Catch?

3 Stacks with a fire verse.

Love this James Blake album. He’s a fellow Hip-Hop fan and has a long history of Hip-Hop collaborations.


Putting radio through its paces. Lollipop, man, that brings me back. 10 years??

(Sean) #138

Nice. How many of those tracks showing in your queue are not added in your library already?

Has it branched out into the wider Tidal for all of those?


Maybe three tracks weren’t in my library. I have about 500 rap albums added, roughly half from Tidal. But a lot of offered tracks I turned down were not in library. Mostly of the “ I like this, but not now” variety.

(Sean) #140

This is my fault, but this thread has been too much of a sausage fest of rappers :grin:

Gotta showcase some of the great female MC’s.

Show em how it’s done Brat!