Now playing some Hip-Hop

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Samples Ann Peebles’ 1973 “I Can’t Stand The Rain”


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I’ve never turned to Future for meaningful lyrics. Actually I understand so little, my brain automatically stops trying to listen to/decode the words. It’s probably why I don’t find today’s stuff offensive - my brain isn’t even paying any attention to the words at all :grin:

I’ve moreso always loved the production, melodies and flow of his catalogue. He and his regular producers have influenced today’s sound quite a bit.


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Written, rapped, sung & produced by R-Les.

Fun fact Monday - he graduated from Harvard at 19 years old :grin:



Can’t wait for the new album.


All I know about the upcoming Danny Brown is El-P deemed it an “instant classic” on Twitter. That’s all I need! Such a unique voice.


This is by the guy who did Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles. Available as a pay what you want download on bandcamp.

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South (Souf) London coming out with some great MC’s these last few years.


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Hasn’t hit Roon yet, but loving Joyner Lucas’ verses on this new collab with Chris Brown - “Let It Go”.

Joyner’s been bubbling for a while. I feel he’s about to blow up soon.


I’ve been working through the OutKast discography in chronological order, one album a night. It’s a wild ride. I love a good duo and they are obviously one of the greatest examples.

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“Turn me up Cruz…” - the recording engineer gets his 3 seconds of fame :grin:

This legendary Phil Collins sample must have cost some decent :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Not a huge fan of the lyrics but love the production and flow.


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Love the production of this one too.


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I will be there with my daughter :sunglasses:

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Apparently, certainly in the USA, hip hop is the new mainstream

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Thanks for thinking about us over here @ged_hickman1! Good thing you posted this over in this thread that maybe 5 people (HipHop fans) read :grin:

Put that over in all those threads complaining about Jay-Z and Tidal having too much HipHop (those people are probably all enjoying Qobuz now) and you might get a different reaction :grin: Best you don’t though.

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I did post it in its own thread in Music but I’m not convinced that music is the primary concern of a lot of users. Seem to be a lot of people who have such large collections they couldn’t possibly listen to them all unless they have no other activities in their life (:thinking: hmmmm) and spend their time obsessively cataloguing them.
As I said not a big hip hop fan, though I have troubles pinning down what it is… I’m more of a DJ Shadow veering toward dubstep listener when I step lightly into the area. I do end up in the dubstep tent at Glastonbury though. Much to the amusement of my daughter’s friends.

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There’s no question the language itself is often an obvious turn off for a lot of people.

I’ve mentioned a few times in this thread that because I’m mostly interested in the music production and flow, my brain strangely automatically pays no attention to the lyrics most of the time.

So I’m much less offended than most people - only because I’m not even listening to the words most of the time. My brain is focusing on the production and flow.

On the odd occasion I do catch some lyrics and I have to check who is around that may be offended if they hear it. Gotta be careful around the very young nieces and nephews - but I know they’re listening to all the same stuff at school with their friends anyway, cheeky buggers hehe (I was the same).