Now playing some Hip-Hop

(Ged) #161

I did read this interesting article about SoundCloud Rap which made me feel incredibly old, from a different world and disturbed.

(Ged) #162

The profanity doesn’t bother me at all it’s the misogyny in the lyrics. But I’m not exposed to hip hop at all really, apart from geezas in shitty teeny cars with bolt on accessories and big sound systems :slight_smile:

(Sean) #163

Yeh when I say lyrics/language, it’s all of that… all under the same umbrella.

(Sean) #164

I don’t have time to go through all of classic rock (which I love too !) but I could go on for a while hehe.

(Ged) #165

My wife and I piss ourselves when Tom Jones She’s a Lady comes on. Whenever she goes out for an evening we quote…

I can leave her on her own
Knowin’ she’s okay alone and there’s no messin’

(Sean) #166

Genius :grin:


(Sean) #167

Classic. Big Boi’s solo discog is nice too.

I don’t pay attention to lyrics normally but mentions of speakers always gets my attention :grin:


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(Mark) #169

Got very excited when I found this old school track on Tidal, this was my number one played track of the day. The A side is great as well. Awesome beat, scratching is amazing and the rap just tops it all off.

(Sean) #170

Absolute classic.

The art of scratching has disappeared in mainstream HipHop. I still see some DJ’s doing it though, keeping the art alive.

(Philipp Schaefer) #171

Just got this recommendation, and I like it very much, so here you go:


(Jan) #172

Time for me to enter this thread as well. First hip hop record purchase was 40 years ago, Rappers delight" - The Sugarhill Gang. Fast forward, my favourite rapper currently, J Hus from :uk::

(Mark) #173

I’m still a fan of scratching and have always loved watching a great DJ work the turntables.

(Sean) #174

Featuring 3 of the greatest MC’s to ever rock the mic.


(Sean) #175

Genius… who doesn’t love cake.

Fiddy’s softer side.


(Jan) #176

Me and Mrs.Jones, we got a thing going on!

(Jan) #177

Jurassic 5. Old school production and scratching. J 5 has always been a favourite of mine.

(Jan) #178

Pete Rock, Jungle Brothers and Digital Underground concerts in March/April. See all three or just Jungle Brothers :smile:

(Sean) #179

All 3! Never know if they’ll tour again.

(Jan) #180

I’d thought you say that, mate :smile: